Interview With a KyberSwap Hacker

This was an awesome interviewAnd the story doesn’t even think about ending…

Story TL;DR:

But before this, please check out this awesome article (by Phalcon_xyz) which dives deep into the attacks targeting KyberNetwork and gives a detailed analysis of the root cause of the issue: precision loss:


Now, Let’s Get It Started:

5 quick questions. 5 brief answers. Key takeaways:

  • I don’t watch anime, but I get it tho.

  • There’s no secret ingredient, just do a lot of reading and practice.

  • @SoloditOfficial and @officer_cia blog are very cool, a huge fan.

  • I want to fuse with an AGI some day.

  • “Code is Law” isn’t true. “Might makes Right” has always been true.

I will forward the entire dialog to my Guild chat as a proof. If you have any other questions — just ask them under this post!


  • How you know this is the real guy?

  • Check out the on-chain message hacker left:

Other Interviews by officercia.eth:

Thank you! Stay safe!

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