“They threatened to freeze me alive” — The Dark Side of the Cryonics; An Interview

In this article, you will learn what cryonics is, learn something new about its dark side, and we will also discuss a bit about one of the unsolved mysteries of Bitcoin.

Our interviewee will reveal some secrets and possibly expose himself so we hope that the article was not written in vain and that you will enjoy it! I’m 100% confident you’ll find it rather intriguing, let’s get started!

The interview process is open to the public. There was no use of artificial intelligence (including chatGPT and equivalent AI/ML-based tools) in the answers or the article itself. Feel free to get in touch with me however works best for you!

If you didn’t know that I’ve conducted interviews with notable figures in the past, here’s some background:

Today you’ll see a promised interview with a fascinating individual! Keep in mind that his responses are entirely based on OpSec, (2) ideas!

*First things first, I want to express my respect to: malicious.life, dark.fail, rekt.news, vice.com & darknet.diaries *

Our acquaintance began, as is customary, with a reaction to my unusual nickname (I remind you that this is a joke and a simulacrum; I do not work or have ever worked for any government, nor have I ever worked for comparable entities) and a general interest in the crypto-related business.

It’s important to note that, despite the fact that April 1st just passed, this article was not a joke at all; however, I did include a few references that I thought were amusing enough to serve as tiny easter eggs

Keep in mind that every article I write in this genre aims to natively teach you something important in some way. I am extremely diligent in who I choose to interview and I only choose people whose stories have inspired me the most and who can teach us something in their own way. Thus, B. also provided me with some amazing links, which I’ll include into the following interview body as a bonus…

Follow me and B. down the rabbit hole!

Eugène Delacroix — The Barque of Dante
Eugène Delacroix — The Barque of Dante
  • For educational purposes only, the Author (A) won’t be responsible for any damage done. The B’s spelling and punctuation are left unchanged — used deepl.com❗️

  • I do not support or agree with absolutely everything our interlocutor says in the following interview. My position.

Greetings, dear readers!

First, a brief introduction to our interviewee. B. and I had a conversation, and it seems B. has something to say!

This article will discuss Cryonics, the cryptocurrency deadman’s switch, Satoshi Nakamoto, the Patoshi’s Machine, as well as the legal status of Cryonics and cybercriminals using it to wake up one day... Follow my blog!

I’m 100% confident you’ll find it fascinating! Let’s get started!

A: Please tell us a bit about yourself (if it doesn’t affect your OpSec) before we get started.

B: Yes, of course! My name is (let’s say…) Ben, I’m 31 years old, and I’d like to share with you some observations I’ve made about what I believe to be important, especially in light of the type of work you do!

Thank you for that and for everything you’ve done for the crypto community! ❤️

А: Thank you! Please tell us your story, we would all love to hear it! ❤️

В: I was therefore given the choice to freeze myself after passing away as payment for the SMM services. How did this occur, and how did I come to live in this way, you may be wondering then? I’ll let you know shortly.

It all started back in 2016 when I first hit the job market and was hired by a company that did marketing and PR as a freelancer for various crypto projects… Without going into much details, I left there, but I took a lot of useful contacts with me (some of them I still use, hi to everyone who recognized me :D)

So, let’s get back to our main topic…

So, one evening I got a call on my phone and was asked to meet in 30 minutes at whatever location was convenient for me. I quickly checked the number of the caller, but found no information in the leaks.

Half an hour later I was already there and I finally managed to see the caller’s appearance: it was a man older than me, quite similar to Nikola Tesla :D

“We are the first ever cryogenic-company among all CIS-countries, and we would very much like you to be the one to develop our project,” said the stranger.

“But why all the secrecy?” — I countered… Then he replied: “The whole thing is that our industry is very, very sensitive for many people, and we have to follow certain rules, so to speak honestly...

…I haven’t finished — we are willing to pay well, but you are required to follow these same rules — they are quite simple, of course, we will formalize everything through an NDA, but these rules are valued by us somewhat higher, I hope you understand”.

officercia.eth: I made an attempt to contact the representatives of the mentioned company but did not receive a reply by the time this article was published. Therefore, we are not blaming/accusing anyone in this article. My opinion may not coincide (or may be cardinally different) from opinion of B.

“Well…” — I added; “I think I’m okay with these terms, but I need to verify your honesty, I need an advance payment”…

After these words he quickly grabbed the phone and in a few minutes I was already walking home with ten thousand dollars in my bank account. That was my personal victory — that’s what I was thinking that minute.

After a while I was contacted on Telegram. At first the job wasn’t too difficult — I was doing creative stuff for investors; presentations and newsletters… but let’s get back to this a bit later.

Everything was fine until a month went by and I had a question about the next salary payout…

I remember that conversation very well. We met again in the evening at the same place, and I was invited to get into the car (attention — never ever get into other people’s cars; officercia.eth’s note), which I did.

We were driving along the night highway, and I was getting scared for myself: we were leaving the city. I started to get nervous, but my companion, who was sitting next to me, rushed to assure me that everything would be all right.

We drove out of the city and into the woods — I was even more afraid, but eventually we came to a cottage with a high fence. The gate was tightly closed.

We drove inside and the driver slowed down; we got out and I could see the buildings — we were inside an area enclosed by a huge fence (three to three-and-a-half meters high), on which there was a cottage and two buildings that looked like old military hangars.

On the porch of the house stood an old man in blue overalls, with a shotgun behind his back…

The man from the project who brought me here got out of the car and greeted, as I later guessed, the watchman (or a security guard). I followed him and got out of the car, too: we headed into the house.

In the light of the lamp the watchman was clearly visible: an old man, obviously with a past in the armed forces, tattoos on his fingers. “Probably an ex-sailor or a marine,” I thought…

This thought was cut short by a short “come in! We’ll show you our storehouse-laboratory” said the watchman. We left the house and went around to the hangars. “I hope they are not going to torture me or even worse,” I thought at that moment.

The giant door of the hangar slid open, and a horrible sight opened to me: all around the perimeter were large black barrels, as I later learned — Dewar vessels — and what was particularly memorable was the smell of corpses. That smell was hard to confuse with anything else.

I would like to make a special note of this point — it was dirty, not at all what was shown on our website. It wasn’t even close to it… It was a rather depressing liminal room that had nothing but an sort-of-a uncanny valley effect on me: it looked more like a factory floor than an actual laboratory.

“This is where all the magic happens” — my companion said quietly — “and we’d like you to understand — no one knows about this place, including the local authorities… so if you tell anyone that you were here, you go there too.” — his voice sounded especially devilish then. I got the message — they literally threatened to freeze me alive right there.

“I got it,” I answered quietly; “that’s good,” the guard added.

When a cryonic patient dies, a race begins to prepare and cool the body before it decays and then to place it inside a Dewar: a thermos bottle full of liquid nitrogen (LN). The inner vessel of the Dewar contains a body, or bodies, wrapped in several layers of insulating material, attached to a stretcher, and suspended in LN. The head is oriented downward to keep the brain the coldest and most stable. — BigThink

I would like to stop here. The point is that I didn’t say the most important thing at the beginning — who can such a company sell its services to? Who needs it at all?

That’s where we come to what I was doing there: the company saw a business opportunity in attracting hackers and all sorts of criminals. They were selling them a set of services at once! I privately promoted their services to deepweb/darknet forum owners and people in the crypto-industry. The project’s creators were likely interested in this subject; otherwise, I’m at a loss for words.

They also wanted to offer potential cybercriminals and hackers the opportunity to pay for legal services (some form of insurance) for 500 years in advance: because, for example, if we’re dealing with a hacker who committed a crime on a blockchain — theoretically there’s a big chance that the evidence will stay in it forever.

Cryonics — attempting to cryopreserve the human body — is widely considered a pseudoscience. Cryopreservation is a legitimate scientific endeavor in which cells, organs, or in rare cases entire organisms may be cooled to extremely low temperatures and revived somewhat intact. It occurs in nature, but only in limited cases. — BigThink

At least, assuming that such a hacker can ever be unfrozen one day, this issue will be very relevant to him. You don’t want to wake up 500 years from now, penniless or even without a passport, don’t you?

Since everything (every transaction) is stored (and recorded once again!officercia.eth’s note) in the blockchain, it would be logical to expect that if you are ever unfrozen and accused of hacking the protocol or stealing the NFT, you will be punished and go to jail. This is a serious threat for potential customers.

They take the issue seriously and even offer PR and reputation protection services — in the form of SERM and ORM… So their clients hardly feel less protected when they die…:D They even have their own shelter-like underground server room, built for them by a private company, as I later discovered, which is IMHO a little astonishing!

The company provided special services for this purpose: cryptocurrency storage, real estate management, legal services and so on.

So most of the meetings with clients were held secretly or anonymously. Someone even set up the possibility to find out his address only in case of his death, in which case the company would receive a text message from his phone.

The U.S. industry has consolidated around two main organizations. If not Alcor, your other choice is the Cryonics Institute, which has more than 200 bodies stored in giant tanks and accepts dozens more each year. Apparently, ten years ago, head storage alone at Alcor cost $80,000, while full body storage at the Cryonics Institute was only $30,000.— BigThink | The Alcor Life Extension FoundationThe Cryonics Institute

Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? I should add that in addition to whole bodies, they also froze brains, heads and even — dead house pets as well as wild animals.

I don’t judge ordinary people who lost their beloved ones and decided to do exactly that, but just imagine that they could end up “next door” to the brains of some criminal!

А: Wow! So you’re saying that these people are doing something like:

I mean, in addition to the Cryonics services?

In and of itself, this is not an uncommon service — one of the possible creators of Bitcoin, Hal Finney, also froze himself and Alcor Life probably (we don’t know for sure) performed the same actions as it is described in your story…

В: You are absolutely right. The only thing I would like to add is that this story is familiar to me. It was about Patoshi’s machine, wasn’t it? According to rumors, his DNA is the key to that specific Patoshi’s machine; the company where that DNA is stored is heavily guarded.

Despite this, numerous unsuccessful attempts have been made to break into the business where it is currently kept. When he was alive, bad guys were unable to get his DNA and even swatted him (after Hal passed police tests in response to swatters’ accusations that he had committed crimes, to likely obtain his DNA from the police database in future).

Although I don’t believe it to be true and it sounds quite funny, this is anyways sounds good enough for marketing purposes!

А: Tell me more about this, please. Did people from that company discuss this with you? It’s not an interrogation, but I’m just curious…

В: Yes:D

That’s right, they were sure that somewhere in bitcoin there are hidden clusters/addresses containing over a million bitcoins in total. These people made a real cult out of it and one of their marketing strategies.

They even made me somehow find and hire some hackers and researchers who had to spend their time on it…. I think the results disappointed them. Eventually, they haven’t demonstrated anything significant.

А: That’s damn interesting..and actually reminds me an ARG quest lol! How did you manage to get out of there? Please continue your story, try again to go back to that night for the sake of our subscribers…

B: Excuse me, I got distracted a bit…

I knew right away that I had to get away from those psychos: it’s one thing to get paid for your work (even if it seems to me to be not entirely honest), but when it comes to such life threats, you have to think about your safety.

So, I just decided to agree with them on everything and that’s how the rest of the evening went. We moved to the cabin from the hangar and there we talked mostly about work…and after a couple of hours my boss took me to the nearest train station…

As soon as I arrived home, I threw out the SIM card, locked it and started getting ready to leave. Maybe the owners of the apartment I rented on airbnb even thought I killed someone or the police were looking for me 😅

But anyway, they had no questions about my rush and I calmly packed up and left for another apartment, a bit later I moved to another city. I forgot about them for a long time until one day I saw a news report that their company became the victim of a war between the two actual founders and an owner…

That’s IMHO very sad when people who are used to the fact that they have to make more money in business touch such important things as cryonics. They may be good at understanding how to do cost optimization, but they’re definitely not good researchers.

Now that company can be considered as liquidated and therefore I am not afraid to say so. In any case, I do believe their clients deserve a much better service. What’s for those cryo-heads, they even conducted an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and were “hacked,” but you can read/google about that yourself…

A: Wow this story is amazing! Thank you so so much for telling me it! I’m glad you chose to share this story with me and my subscribers because it’s very intriguing and interesting. I’d be delighted to invite you back for another interview!

B: I appreciate that as well. Stay safe!

I’d like to share some thoughts on the debate after it’s over… You should not trust B immediately and you should not accept what B said as absolute truth. In addition to this, you should stay away from any activities that can be considered as illegal in certain jurisdictions!

Support is very important to me, with it I can do what I love — educating users!

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Stay safe!

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