No Longer Human: An Interview

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Today you'll see a promised interview with a fascinating individual! Keep in mind that his responses are entirely based on OpSec, (2) ideas.

First things first, I want to express my respect to:,,, & darknet.diaries !

Greetings, dear readers!

Our acquaintance began, as is customary, with a reaction to my unusual nickname (I remind you that this is a joke and a simulacrum; I do not work or have ever worked for any government, nor have I ever worked for comparable entities) and a general interest in the crypto-related business…

He gave me some links to some good manuals he used, which I'll include as a bonus at the end of the interview... Let’s get started!

  • For educational purposes only, the Author won't be responsible for any damage done. The J's spelling and punctuation are left unchanged ❗️

  • I do not support or agree with absolutely everything our interlocutor says in the following interview. My position.

The Story begins...

“Although he never set foot in any college, and he never even had to hold books in his hands, everyone around him was aware of his clear and sober mind..." - an Irish tale "The Day of the Scholars", collected by the Seumas MacManus.

officercia.eth - Hello there!

Your background in hard-core security, biology and medicine, is of great interest to me, so I couldn't be happier about the opportunity to interview you. I will start off by saying that I intend to ask questions that I believe the entire community will find interesting.

So, let's get started. First, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? You don't have to give all the details, we respect your OpSec and Privacy.

J - To begin, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to speak with you and, in particular, for the resources that you have made available! People who have lived long enough will find that your blog is an excellent source of new ideas!

In response to your question, I will tell you that I am a little over 40 years old and that I have spent over 10 years of my life working in banking security. At the moment, I'm participating in the development of one of the Web3 projects.

officercia.eth: I want to let our readers know up front that we will be discussing topics like transhumanism, bio-punk, and biotechnology.

You'll thank me later for advising you not to read this interview if this subject matters to you; instead, check out other articles!

J, please tell us your story as we return to our conversation!

J: Of course, I agreed to this interview because I believe the time has come to be honest about the things I saw in 2013.

To cut a long story short, the majority of my social circle was made up of people I knew from university, and the most of our free time was spent talking about science fiction, neuroscience and biohacking, all of which were popular at the time.

If my friend had not undergone surgery to implant a system of sensors for a neural-brain-interface into his bone marrow in 2013, everything would have remained just an average conversations. But the plan didn't work out as expected…

I'll go back a little earlier, because if I recall correctly, right around that time the blog of the Oculus Rift creator started to gain a lot of attention (and I must say that science fiction in general and Alexander Belyaev in particular influenced us all due to objective reasons). In it, he described something that was similar to our current conceptions.

I'd read a number of articles on the subject and had forgotten all about it until a friend of mine called one day and asked if I wanted to go on a short trip with him to a nearby town without explaining why.

I didn't give it much thought because leaving my friend behind was not my style. A few days later, I had already arrived in C., and my friend and I had already booked rooms at a hotel by the ocean.

officercia.eth: Wow! Please continue your story; it's very interesting. I'll ask you questions later.

J: After getting a better feel for the city, my friend revealed to me the real reason we were there: We had to meet a certain "doctor" in the evening to prepare him for a particular cosmetologist procedure.

To be honest, I had second thoughts and thought that my friend was going to undergo a private procedure, so I teased him mercilessly. I must admit that it becomes ridiculous after a while, but we still talk about it:D

We met the man that evening, and I must admit that I did not like him right away. He reminded me too much of Dale Gribble from King of the Hill (see Operation: Infinite Walrus LOL), and he did not appear to be very sober.

Anyway, we got together and went to what he claimed was the "clinic" where this enigmatic physician maintained his office.

I accepted the offer to go up the stairs to the second floor and wait there after hearing that the owner had free Wi-Fi. I put my headphones in, started watching YouTube, and somehow managed to fall asleep. It was strange, but I can clearly recall the dream I had—which had never happened to me before.

In the dream, I had the impression that I was lying on the sand as a huge wave was approaching. I attempted to stand up and flee, but it was unsuccessful, and the wave sucked me up and carried me out to sea.

I opened my eyes because of the hellish screams of pain, as I discovered a few hours later. My friend was screaming and it sounded like he was being literally torn apart, so I felt bad because I recognized the voice as being that of my friend.

It was awful. I went downstairs holding my entire willpower in my fist. My friend was on the operating table, and the doctor, whose name I didn't even know, stitched his neck and said, "Bear with me, almost finished, you're good." What I saw shocked me.

I couldn't contain my shock at what I saw, and the doctor must have sensed it because he turned to face me and said, "You better go sit down, we're almost done." I was at a loss for what to do, so I simply moved aside and sat down on a chair that was nearby.

The operation was completed a short while later…

Since I don't remember how I left it, I didn't meet my friend until two weeks later, in our hometown. I was astonished to see him because of the numerous bright red scars that covered his entire neck.

He hurried over to reassure me and said that he had just been discharged from the hospital a week prior, where everything the crazy doctor had implanted in his neck had been taken out. Well, there was nothing positive to say about the appallingly sterile conditions in that operating room.

So, kids, let me teach you a lesson about what trans-humanism and a lot of money can do. Be wary of your own desires. We should all consider what might have happened if the surgeon had been successful.

And how many of his surgical patients are still among us?

I received a text message from a friend saying that the neural-brain-interface performed as intended and that, if it weren't for the discomfort and infection, he would not have consented to its removal.

That is something to consider. Are we already experiencing the world depicted in the Universal Soldier movie?

officercia.eth: I like the lesson there! I'm glad you chose to share this story with me and my subscribers because it's very intriguing and interesting. I'd be delighted to invite you back for another interview.

J: I appreciate it as well. Stay safe!

I'd like to share some thoughts on the debate after it's over... You should not trust J immediately and you should not accept what J said as absolute truth. In addition to this, you should stay away from any activities that can be considered as illegal in certain jurisdictions! May the Force be with you!

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