Blockchain in Space & Interplanetary Payments


The structure of the Space Economy is a very fascinating subject that I'd like to discuss with you today…

In Space, we will have to contend with a number of severe issues at once, including a great distance, a hostile environment, and scarce resources! So that, I've created a concept based on:

  • blockchain principles - because the distance to transit information is very large,

  • steganography and cryptography - because the first hides the fact of information transfer and the second only the information itself. They work better in combination!

  • AI and AirGap, but about this later. Let's start with an easy one!

A list of recent articles and studies on this subject from various authors is provided below!

Despite the fact that we are currently unable to test any of the concepts that have been put forth in practice, I am confident that this work—among others—will move us closer to the day when we will be able to.

I'd also like to thank the following authors for their work!

Let’s get started!

I - Earth-Mars Payments System: EMPS

We’ll need a financial connection between Mars and Earth at some time, won’t we?

Classic cross-boarder payment systems & protocols are unsuitable due to their thousands of bank-node chains… Well, we can build a chain of satellite banking nodes, but, this way, they will definitely require an ability to work autonomously!

Artificial intelligence (AI) andMachine Learning (ML) would be helpful in this regard to enable the system to self-heal and respond to circumstances. Keep in mind that the Earth's signal will take several minutes to arrive!

made via
made via

If you did not know, in all global payment systems the system is based on a chain of banks, each of which takes a commission and the money itself looks like a regular Zip-file!

made via
made via

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to put such a system on every asteroid or every satellite… almost impossible and very expensive. The only one solution which comes to mind is a blockchain… or something we’ll call an EMPS that combines encryption and other technologies!

A list of scientific literature and resources on this issue is provided below! I hope you enjoy my new short note format! 🙂

II - Research Data

Also check out:

III - Additional Information

You may also want to take a look at this!

This paper makes the first exhaustive attempt to identify and define the properties of all physical and digital forms of money:

IV - AI & Blockchain:

V - AirGap & Blockchain:

In essence, cold wallet is just a pseudo-AirGap system (100% AirGap is impossible to achieve on Earth by definition, that’s why CubeSat and similar projects topic are so interesting) and it can be cracked!

VI - Blockchain & Steganography:

Cover Image: via

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Stay safe!

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