If you have been scammed…

Feel free to save & share it if you know someone who has been scammed or hacked and lost crypto!

You may order an investigation from the amlbot.com/reclaim-crypto (my referral link) or analybits.xyz. You can also directly DM Rata on Telegram or Twitter

I - Bitcoin

II — Others (Mostly, EVM)

III — Escape Funds

MEV method:

One amazing researcher made this simple flashbots bundler app to help people with white-hat recoveries of compromised accounts:

You can use the UI to generate a new flashbots rpc, build the bundle by sending ETH for gas, then the recovery TX, then withdraw remaining funds. Then when you hit submit bundle it goes through a relayer which is maintained by the community!

We’ve used it to help a few people that had leaked wallets private keys or seeds and, specifically, sweeper bots. If you know anyone who has this issue feel free to send them this way!

Here’s a video walkthrough:

If you use it, I recommend paying around 3x the gas price to get included. And make sure your bundle is over 42k gas or it will be ignored by the network!

Or Use:

Check out:


For Bitcoin there was a similar solution - you can use something like this or this. A private pool. Can be compared to using flash-bots or Taichi on Ethereum…

Investigation Methodology:

Also Check Out:

IV — Bad Tips

At the moment, you can only block funds through an official appeal…but someone may come up with:


Regarding tracking:

For educational purposes only! You have been warned. Illegal activity is bad!

Support is very important to me, with it I can do what I love — educating users!

If you want to support my work, you can send me a donation to the address:

Stay safe!

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