What you should do if you think someone has stolen your crypto-assets: A Cheatsheet

For educational purposes only!

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1. How to investigate?

2. But…how?

Well… use breadcrumbs.app + ethtective.com + a letter to RPC provider, + impersonator.xyz combined with tenderly.co fork!

And the most important part, to establish clusters use amlbot.com - @cryptoaml_bot investigation (more expensive) regime only!


That’s for pro users:

Check out this awesome on-chain & OSINT forensics investigation example! Actually an amazing thread and report made with using breadcrumbs.app :

Thread start | Thread end 

I suggest we go through the steps of the on-chain investigation together to understand how they are done.

Use the clickable scheme report below and re-read the thread one more time but with following its on-chain storyline!

Useful for learning! See my own methodology as well!

4. Extra-pro

For extra pro users go to arxiv/reserachgate and see what does “distance” mean in the sense of Heuristics, also what dusting attack is!

5. Compliance method

One also make a sort of banking compliance machine (if you find know each bank has a sort of a computer which always counts and checks that if money have gone - they should appear somewhere, in other words, it watches total monetary system balance and flows), and apply it to blockchain, thus notice anomalies.

And see who got money from whom and also which sum - this method is used to break mixers and performed usually via scanning and analyzing Big Data taken from blockchain and other sources. It was inspired by SWIFT/Alliance/BGP and all that creepy banking Haskel XML push stuff.

That’s a very rough TLDR - from easiest ways to Chainanalysis style, maybe I missed something but in general this is how things are going. They also use methods described in the section No 5 above - dusting attack, to measure “distance” between addresses, entities and other metrics in the sense of Euristica.

One can just send a hacker a malicious (Iframe/XSS) NFT or NFT with a doxxing pixel…

… and negotiate on your own gently

But that’s not recommended!

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6. Security Once Again

If it comes to security when holding crypto, I’ve already got all possible OpSec questions answered in my articles and threads:

Check out my blog: officercia.mirror.xyz

7. Anon, OpSec and Privacy guides. A very-special crypto-themed compilation for y’all:

I. Anon

II. Privacy

III. OpSec

Kogaan! Zu'u wah dein hin faraan! 🐉

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Stay safe!

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