Digest: Notes

Greetings dear readers!

In this digest I will collect all my works of which for some reason I did not manage to write an article!

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I - Profanity: Clarifications

I have been asked several times about how Authors derived private key from public and started searching for information on this attack and found a very interesting discussion with its creators — I have compiled everything in this article, I hope no one has any questions!

II - Retrospective: Hacks in Web3

Vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and Web3 hacks - gathered for you in a single note!

III - All resources to become a smart contract auditor!

IV - Solidity Tutorials

V - If you have been scammed…

Feel free to save & share it if you know someone who has been scammed or hacked and lost crypto!

VI - Officer_CIA X MaxWayld: Content Overview

Today I present to your attention an article written by my good friend Max — in it he made a review of more than a year of my Twitter activity.

Support is very important to me, with it I can do what I love — educating users!

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Stay Safe!

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