Augmented Reality Glasses Integrated for On-Chain Sleuths

Since AR glasses provide an immersive and interactive experience, they offer a revolutionary chance to transform the study of blockchain transactions. AR glasses can help users better understand and analyze blockchain transactions by providing a more visually appealing and intuitive experience. In my opinion, this can lead to a deeper comprehension of the underlying mechanisms of Web3 technologies!

Therefore, I will examine the novel and as-yet-unknown techniques and approaches for looking into cryptocurrency hacks in this post, explaining why this procedure is essential to preserving the reliability and integrity of the blockchain ecosystem. Now let’s get going!

Brilliant AR Glasses

Spotted a cool thing:

According to the website:

“The glasses’ digital assistant utilizes the capabilities of several models including GPT-4, Stability AI and Whisper AI to process images captured by the camera and generate text and pictures in response to queries.”

It’s more of a chatbot that can help with everyday tasks or at work than it is augmented reality glasses. It can assist in processing text that the user sees as well as questions that are asked vocally.

I believe Frame presents a unique chance to perform in-depth analyses of blockchain transactions in a genuinely immersive and interactive way through the use of augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technology.

Through the use of Frame (theoretically), users can explore and visualize intricate blockchain transaction data in three dimensions, giving them a multifaceted understanding of the relationships and patterns within the transactions. This novel method not only improves understanding of complex blockchain operations but also provides a more interesting and enlightening experience for users exploring the nuances of Web3.

So, the application of AR glasses to blockchain transaction analysis offers a revolutionary way to engage with and understand blockchain data, with far-reaching consequences for the Web3 sphere!

Now let’s examine the hardware component:

  • The base module is a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 ARM Cortex-M4-F processor;

  • There is also a Lattice CrosslinkNX FPGA for camera and graphic interfaces;

  • The package includes a Mister Power docking station for charging with a 222 mAh battery, supplemented by a 149 mAh battery from the docking station.

The project’s source code for the hardware and software is now available on Github thanks to the company!

«The device weighs just less than 40g and, at estimated normal use, can achieve all-day battery life together with Mister Power (included). A bright microOLED is bonded to a thin geometric prism optic to display ~20 degree diagonal field of view. Frame is totally open source, design files and code are on Github. Frame has been designed for an IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range of 58–72mm.»

Thus, I also wanted to share with you my latest concept: I intend to combine VR OSINT/On-chain software with these glasses, which are essentially just a ChatBot and a display. The glasses device that was mentioned has all of its hardware and software open sourced.

In the end, the integration of AR and VR technologies through Brilliant’s Frame (or zkpod) has the potential to significantly benefit the Web3 sphere by fostering a more user-friendly and transparent method for investigating blockchain transactions. This advancement could contribute to broader comprehension, accessibility, and inclusivity within the Web3 ecosystem, ultimately shaping a more informed and empowered community of blockchain enthusiasts and stakeholders.

OSINT/AR On-Chain software exists only as MVP so we will need to code it! Just imagine combining them or Apple Vision and:

The prospects presented by Brilliant’s Frame (or other devices) in investigating blockchain transactions using AR or VR technologies are undeniably exciting, and the implications for the future of Web3 are promising. As a prominent figure in the blockchain space, I am eager to witness and contribute to the transformative impact of Frame on the landscape of blockchain exploration and analysis!

Imagine carrying out On-chain (or OSINT) research in augmented reality. Would chainalysis or ArkhamIntel be willing to provide funding for this kind of product or related research? Happy to help, if so!

FYI I also made the decision to write a rather unusual article in which I want to step away from the conventional wisdom and discuss various tools and gadgets for OpSec, but with a preference for their practical use and usability. Check it out!

Additionally, I would like you explore, as I believe I ought to write an article about it. In any case, what are your thoughts on it? Please like and share your thoughts under this post!

Final Remarks

As the incidence of crypto hacks and security breaches continues to make headlines, the importance of conducting thorough investigations into these incidents cannot be overstated!

In addition, a more inclusive and knowledgeable Web3 ecosystem may benefit from the accessibility and transparency provided by AR glasses, drawing in a larger audience to interact with blockchain data and transactions. Eventually, the Web3 space will benefit greatly from the incorporation of AR glasses for blockchain transaction investigation!

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