Spotter’s Digest №6

We’ll go over all of our work from April 2023 to May 2023 with you and summarize all of the particularly important Spotter-related events in the upcoming digest piece… Our proactive alert system against crypto exploits has only gotten better over this time!

But first, I’d really like to ask you to read our previous article from which you can learn about the history of Spotter and the progress of development!

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Spotter’s Chronograph

So, today we would like to go through all of our work from April to May 2023 with you and reflect all of the particularly significant events in one article.

During this time we had a few significant changes which is important to tell about, for example, most recently our CEO Alexander Seleznev spoke at a community call with Infura where he pitched Spotter in details, you can check out the recording below via the link:

In the near future, we plan to attend several other events and hackathons, such as ETH Belgrade. We are visiting this event on the 2–4 of June with the talks about Slitherin and Spotter, so if you’d like to meet, see you there!

Spotter: In The Wild

We are also happy too state that on March, 9th our system was able to identify the exploit that occurred on the RealFlokiInu token and once again confirmed — the Spotter project could have prevented the attack!

What’s for our development plans, we are currently continuing to train our ML model, backtesting, and experimenting with new tactics and tools!

Anyway, we’ve already mentioned almost all of them in our previous digests, so we encourage you to study them individually for a better understanding of the technology:

Please follow pessimistic_spotter_public — public alerts channel!

Unlike the private version, the public version (this channel) reveals attacks selectively and does not allow you to track a specific address. To utilize the private version, which offers more features, fill out this form.

We have already begun onboarding new customers in Spotter; please complete the form above to be added to the waitlist!

Partnerships & Collaborations

It has been a very busy month with various partnerships and each one in its own way will ultimately serve the same purpose of achieving bulletproof protection for the entire Web3 ecosystem, below are a few partnerships that we can announce publicly:

Spotter X FlashFlow

FlashFlow, a permissionless DEFI protocol that allows using $10B lending protocol liquidity, has entered into a strategic partnership with Spotter!

We are thrilled that the community has accepted our partnership well; this may indicate that both the project team and the end user are aware of the need for this system. This collaboration will also assist us in optimizing our system so that the percentage of false positives is low and potential system triggering has no negative effects.

After deploying the Pessimistic Spotter, Web3 protocols can lower risks and benefit from more affordable insurance because Spotter can respond to hacks before they even occur using on-chain and mempool data analysis!

Spotter X!

We are happy to announce our groundbreaking partnership with! We are both deeply committed to making Web3 a safe place for everyone and strongly support each other.

As part of this collaboration, Pessimistic Spotter will serve as the community’s frontline protector. Our advanced technologies will help identify, mitigate, and prevent potential threats, offering real-time defense against hacks and attacks. We’re transforming how security is managed in the digital world.

Bringing their innovative risk transfer solutions, will provide an ultimate safety net for the Web3 community. They offer the hard guarantee that underpins our enhanced security infrastructure, ensuring the community’s peace of mind.

This partnership means that Web3 DAOs can now breathe easier. With Pessimistic Spotter in place, protocols deployed will be much safer, significantly reducing potential risks. Plus,’s involvement means cheaper insurance and more comprehensive protection.

With us, you’re not just getting a service — you’re gaining dedicated allies in the fight for a safer, more secure Web3. Join us as we shape the future of online security. Together, we can build a stronger, safer Web3 community. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership!

Spotter X Zero2Hero

We are happy to report that our team participated in the BNBCHAIN’s Zero2Hero hackathon presenting a Saver DApp in action!

We used a hypothetical emergency scenario with PancakeSwap as an example to show how we could help users save/escape money in case of a hack occurred:

In the near future, we plan to attend several other events and hackathons, such as ETH Belgrade. We are visiting this event on the 2–4 of June with the talks about Slitherin and Spotter, so if you’d like to meet, see you there! News

Recently, a lot of new and interesting things have been happening and our “parent” company, Pessimistic, below we present only the most important news worthy of your attention:

  • Slitherin, our own set of custom detectors for Slither, got the first community update! | Slitherin Project 🐍

  • Several audits have been completed successfully! By the way, here are some vacant slots now so if your project needs an audit — feel free to write to us, visit our public reports page here!

  • We are continuing our series of educational articles and will be releasing some more great stuff soon, so subscribe to our blog!

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