GitCoin GR15 funding round starts today!
September 9th, 2022


This is my fifth GitCoin round!

My grant page:

My grant working repo:

If you like what I do, please support my biggest work ever with your donations!

What’s new for this round?

  • I now have a blog with free articles on topics from the map

  • You can use the alternative navigation on startme page!

  • Several new languages have been added, many thanks to the volunteers! Please add new translations via PR in the style of those already made and after checking I will surely make some posts for you and accept PR!

  • The OpSec map from which btw the solid project came out has been translated into a few new languages as well!

What’s already implemented?

  • You can now use to modify map, change colors or export it it another formatting. Use the XML file in my repository!

  • Massive typos fix!

How to support me?

Another way is to support me directly by donating to my address on Ethereum Main-net or any of the compatible networks or to any address from the list below or my official support repo:

Also, you can order a code audit from any of my friend companies:

Don’t forget to mention that you are from me 🙂

You can also purchase commemorative NFTs from me on the Mirror blog! 👉👈

Thank you!

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