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So, what are the chances of enhancing current techniques with additional security, and how precisely is the security of the protocol formed in terms of audit and logic? Let’s find out!

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The problem of security has recently become very urgent due to the enormous number of hacks and security incidents in the Web3 sphere. Everyone has very different ideas and suggestions on this topic, so we will only attempt to describe a portion of them today.

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In the beginning, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Web3 Security builders, community, bug-bounty hunters, everyone who supports its vibes and the authors of all resource materials!

This time, I will be drawing on the work of other authors, which, of course, I will let you know. In my previous article, I tried to highlight a few basic flaws, but I still missed some crucial ones. Much thanks to the author of the following article for some of the inspiration I received for the present article:

We hope you will enjoy our highly stoichiometric discussion today because I’ll also be letting you know about a promising project called Remedy! In-Depth

New bug-bounty platforms try to solve several problems that previous versions obviously lack. For instance, they more actively interact with the community, and often their structure is built so that people are allowed to participate even without KYC (as in more classic sites where such conditions are determined by the end customer represented by the project or protocol).

Very¬†often¬†they also implement the¬†Zerodium¬†model and collect data. I also highly recommend that you read the following article, which in my opinion is the most revealing of aspects of the changes in the sphere in 2022‚Äď23:

However, they are still short on functionality and possess numerous shortcomings that should be addressed. The next generation of Web3 security platforms will go beyond current limited solutions, applying advanced tools and technologies and providing superior usability to all industry players!

This could result in the discovery of known and unknown security flaws in any organization. With this many targets, it is impossible for a single security team to test them all. As a result, they choose to externalize the issues by launching bounty campaigns on platforms with large communities of experts:

Source by Maurelian

A Novel Approach

My good friends are about to launch their project, which in my opinion will be the ultimate game changer for the whole industry. They seek to reshape every aspect of the project’s cybersecurity lifecycle and become a one-stop point for assets and data protection.

I also encourage you to read our earlier article, which contains a wealth of auditors’ and developers’ useful advice:

The team, which brings together more than 13 years of web2 and web3 experience, is well-positioned to address decentralized security issues. Through innovative tools and training, they hope to strengthen security procedures while encouraging innovation. They also attack the industry’s fundamental problems by promoting transparency, raising standards, and dispensing guidance.

While details are not yet publicly disclosed, the vision seems impactful to me from insights shared so far. The team demonstrates a deep understanding of the most pressing pain points around security that developers and users face today. Their solutions could provide a welcome relief from those fronts ‚ÄĒ¬†officercia.eth

This important endeavor adopts a broad viewpoint. They want to create a comprehensive security ecosystem that will improve protection for web3 and make it more scalable.

Source: IOSG

The team’s enthusiasm for genuinely enhancing security and giving back to the community is evident. Following this project’s efforts to improve security standards across the developing web3 landscape will be fascinating. Their drive and knowledge inspire hope for advancement.

Designed by white-hats for white-hats, Remedy has gleaned insights from the missteps of our market competitors. This involved conducting numerous interviews with top bounty hunters, bug bounty program managers, and other market stakeholders to revolutionize the approach to building user flows.

Source: Audit-Quality & DeFiCondor

Every facet of Remedy was meticulously designed with a keen eye toward potential complexities and obscurities such as finding suitable programs and establishing a seamless workspace. So that, I’d like to invite you to monitor their Twitter, Telegram & Discord for updates as the project develops. A stronger, safer web3 that lives up to its full potential will rely on efforts like this one:

The Remedy’s strategy revolves around three main cornerstones:

  1. Education: Remedy is committed to raising the bar for ethical hacking education and setting standardized benchmarks. This will encompass the formulation of a structured curriculum, the organizing of training sessions, and the provision of self-learning resources;

  2. Tools: To support ethical hackers, Remedy is developing intuitive, user-friendly, and powerful automated tools to ensure code security for the blockchain ecosystem;

  3. Community: Remedy will foster a community of ethical hackers, encouraging knowledge sharing, collective learning, and project collaboration.

Remedy also represents a mission to liberate the web3 landscape from its prevailing security shortcomings. The prevalent issues include a deficit in ethical hacker education, a void of standardization in training and licensing, and a scarcity of automated tools to ensure code safety!

Remediate the Web3

In my opinion,¬†Remedy¬†is able to become a holistic solution for smart contract and web3 project security, encompassing all aspects of the project security lifecycle ‚ÄĒ from contests to¬†audits¬†and bug bounty programs:

This important endeavor adopts a broad viewpoint. The team’s goal is to create a comprehensive security ecosystem that will improve web3’s scaleability and protection overall. The team’s enthusiasm for genuinely enhancing security and giving back to the community is evident.

Following this project’s efforts to improve security standards across the developing web3 landscape will be fascinating. Their drive and knowledge inspire hope for advancement.

So that, I’d like to invite you to monitor their Twitter, Telegram & Discord for updates as the project develops. A stronger, safer web3 that lives up to its full potential will rely on efforts like this one!

Stay safe!

By the way, there are some vacant slots now so if your project needs an audit ‚ÄĒ feel free to¬†write¬†to us, visit our public reports page¬†here!

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